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snoo – smart sleeper bassinet

SNOO, the is the first robotic smart crib “smart sleeper”.  SNOO helps your baby cry less, and sleep more so parents can also get some rest. You can monitor and control it from your iPhone and Android.

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As a first time parent, I am really happy we bought this. Any extra sleep we can get is a big help!  — Some thoughts from your sleep deprived head coupon finder (and sleep deprived parent).

Rent Under $5/day

Rent a Snoo robotic bassinet for less than $5 per day and finally get some sleep while your baby sleeps! Get $100 of Free gear (swaddles, sheet, and mattress), Free Shipping, 1 month commitment. Use the promo code below to save! No big up front cost and no stress about selling it a few months later.

snoo smart sleeper baby crib