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snoo – smart sleeper bassinet

SNOO, the is the first robotic smart crib “smart sleeper”.  SNOO helps your baby cry less, and sleep more so parents can also get some rest. You can monitor and control it from your iPhone and Android.

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As a first time parent, I am really happy we bought this. Any extra sleep we can get is a big help!  — Some thoughts from your sleep deprived BornToCoupon.com head coupon finder (and sleep deprived parent).

$500 Off!

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Get $500 Off SNOO – the biggest discount EVER!

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That's 43% off the regular price of $1,160!

We got a great deal on our Snoo. When no one is getting any sleep, you'll be desperate and even fantasizing for some sleep.  Snoo if not going to solve everything for you but it will give you that extra bit of help to get your baby to sleep a little better. More sleep means you will function more like an adult and less like a delirious puddle of mud. More sleep means less arguing and less walking around like a zombie at work. A newborn for new parents is still going to be challenging, even if you have the benefit of a Snoo. I don't even want to think of how much hard it would have been without Snoo. Once you get some of the benefits from Snoo, I think you'll agree it's worth your hard earned dollars.

Does it matter that the Snoo is a beautiful piece and designed by MIT engineers working? I love the design and how it looks at home. It's a one of kind product and no other bassinet can do what the Snoo can. Yes, there are other less expensive bassinets but those are mostly just bassinets.

So you can be happier! And now you can get the best price ever on SNOO for the company's first birthday so you don't have to break the bank! SNOO is the world's first smart sleeper. It'll let everyone get better sleep (we have one right here)!


snoo smart sleeper baby crib

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