$1,000 Discount Cord Blood Banking (Tissue Placenta) Americord Discount Promo Code

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Looking for save cord blood, cord tissue, or placenta tissue after giving birth? Americord is one of the few companies that offer all three. The most well known firms like Cbr, Cord Blood Registry, do not. Compare blood banks and see for yourself. Save on your investment with a promo code below.

I used Americord and their friendly staff was there to answer my million questions via email and phone every step of the way. That helped me make my decision to go with Americord.

$1,000 Off

Americord 10 Year Anniversary Promotion

$1,000 off Cord Blood, Cord Tissue and Placenta banking! Yes, save one thousand dollars!

Limited Time Offer: Claim your $1000 discount using the promo code link below.

After a lot of research, we chose Americord for our baby. I wish this discount was available at the time! Americord cord blood banking may be newer, but its also cheaper and offers many advantages over its competitors.

Note: $1,000 off when banking all three products: Cord Blood, Cord Tissue, and Placental Tissue.

Americord 10 year anniversary cord blood banking discount promo code

The competitors we considered:

CBR (cord blood registry), CorCell, Lifebank USA, CryoCell International, StemCyte, Family Cord, Miracle Cord, ViaCord from PerkinElmer, and NECBB (New England Cord Blood Bank, Inc),

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