About BornToCoupon.com

Verified Promo & Coupon Codes. No Junk. No Fake Offers.

About BornToCoupon.com

Coupons that actually work. Imagine that!

Sick of coupon sites with junk and false coupons that just trick you into clicking on them? Somehow, many advertised coupons do not work and cause me to spend so much time trying different codes. Sound familiar? That's click-bait and its not ok to pop up things you weren't expecting!

Too many times I asked myself why I bother wasting so much time, often for a small discount of even a few dollars. The answer was the same each time: I was obsessed to find a better deal.  Who doesn't like paying less…but at what expense?

I was tired of all the bullsh/t out there. That's how BornToCoupon.com was born.

We check each coupon and discount to makes sure it works. It takes time and we don't have an endless flood of useless coupons making a mess of things.

No spam.  No junk.  No false advertising.  No crap.