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$20 $50 Free Lyft credit towards your first ride!

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up to $750 or $1k


Up to $750 or $1,000 Bonus for New LYFT Drivers!

Limited Time Offer!

Bonuses vary by city. See updated list available here: TheRewardBoss

Up to $5000


  • $5000 Lyft Driver Bonus in Los Angeles

  • $2000 Lyft Driver Bonus in Orange County

  • $1500 Lyft Driver Bonus in Seattle

Los Angeles requires 1000 rides in 90 days, Orange County – 500 rides in 60 days, Seattle – 500 rides in 60 days.


$50 Credit

Get $50 Lyft credit – use the promo code below to sign up


$5000 Bonus

Los Angeles

Earn $5000 Lyft Driver Bonus in Los Angeles after 1,000 rides in 90 days.

This is the largest driver bonus ever offered by Lyft!

This offer will not last.



Lyft $1000 Promo Code - Driver Bonus San Francisco

$1000 Bonus for new Lyft drivers in San Francisco!

  • Lyft changes these bonuses without notice!
  • Up to $750 Bonus in other cities

$50 Credit

New customers get $50 Lyft Credit!


$50 Credit

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New customers get $50 Lyft Credit


Use the coupon promo code below to claim your credit:

$1000 Bonus!

Lyft $1000 Bonus New Drivers Boston

Get $1000 $750 Bonus! Lyft NEEDS drivers in Boston!

  • The bonuses fluctuate and Lyft changes them as needed.
  • All you need to do is become a driver and do 50 rides in 3 days
  • Up to $750 Bonus in New York City, Denver, Philadelphia, Seattle and Washington DC .

Limited Time Offer!

Via TheRewardBoss <– Check the link for the updated list of bonuses

20 Free Rides

$10 Each

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Existing users can get 20 free rides by entering both of the following promo codes

Lyft 10 free rides

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